The Panhellenic KOISPE Federation (P.O.Koi.S.P.E.), which represents the first institutionalized appelate body of Social Economy, was established in accordance with the provision of paragraph 15 of the article 12 of law 2716/1999 "Development and modernization of the Mental Health services and other provisions" (FEK A 96), on February 11, 2011, following the aproval and total vote for the articles of its association, by 14 social enterprises.

The Federation is based in Athens and its main purpose is the representation and coordination of the activities of social, financial and professional integration of persons with psychosocial issues. Specifically, among its goals are:


  1. The promotion of the Koi.S.P.E's interests and their support at the institutional, economic and social level. The representation of the Koi.S.P.Es in general in any kind of collective, national, european and international institutions.
  2. The participation in European and International Union, Organizations and Networks, which seek similar purposes, particularly pertaining to the issues of social economy, mental health and social solidarity, as well as the participation in European and International commitees, councils and events, which relate to the goals of the Federation and the Koi.S.P.Es.
  3. The study, specialization, promotion and support of the issues which interest and concern the Koi.S.P.Es and the cooperation, mutual support, and exchange of information between the Koi.S.P.Es, as well as the provision of all types of support services of the Koi.S.P.Es in specific, or generic issues they may face.
  4. The support of the rights of persons with psychosocial issues, as well as of those who potentially develop psychic issues secondarily and the consolidation of the principles and goals of the community psychiatric and segmentation of mental health services within Greece. 
  5. The development of activities and the implementation of support and solidarity actions, resulting in  reinforcing persons with psychosocial problems,  ensuring  their rights, tackling the "stigma" and prejudices which accompany mental illness and dealing with the problems of social exclusions of persons with psychosocial issues.  
  6. The development, in cooperation with the Koi.S.P.Es or independently, of business - financial activities, as well as research, scientific and educational activities, non - competitive to those of its members, aiming at producing a financial benefit for the Koi.S.P.Es and their members.
  7. The promotion of social, solidarity economy and social enterpreneurship in general and the support of moral trade and moral business activities.
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